Thursday, 3 July 2008

Where have I been?

Editing - that's where.

Been beavering away on that sex education DVD I've previously mentioned, today for example I was editing a public domain documentary down into a 2 and a half minute 'precursor' to our modern day examination of whatever is at hand - in this particular case - the porn industry itself.

I actually rather enjoyed editing this public domain footage, it's gotta be about 50 years old by now, and was a public information film for American audiences, but it's rather funny (to me anyway) to see porn demonised so whole-heartedly in such a fashion that it's damn near painted as if 'if you dig porn, you're a Commie!' - I mean, it's near that.

Also - the thought that kids would go gay just for "kicks" still has me chuckling. I watched a movie from decades ago, it was on a double-bill DVD of old school drive-in exploitation film, and there was a guy in that who kept going on about "for kicks! for kicks!" when justifying kidnapping a good looking young lady with his chum, it was all ludicrously laughable. So yeah, that "kicks" thing stuck with me and hearing it again today just had me choking on my own laughter, deary me.

I do have to say, it's good to see and hear the views of 'young folk today' during the filming of this DVD, because they're all so enlightened and liberal about sexuality, or indeed simply forgiving about the subject - a kind of "to each their own as long as it's consenting" vibe, which is what I think too.

In other words, with each new year's worth of students, sexism, ageism and racism die a little more, a little more, and a little more - which is great I say. At least that's something going in the right direction these days anyway!

So yeah, I've been busy editing away, otherwise I've been continuing with watching films I never got around to viewing - Murder Inc was finished off t'other day, and L.A. Takedown was dispatched with yesterday. Next up, methinks The Dark Half (which I did see once, years ago).

Right-right, oh - and Life on Mars is bloody brilliant, I'm half way through the second series and it just keeps getting better!

Finally - I'll hopefully be filming Signing Off, another DeadShed short, with Sean sometime soon before he runs off to London to pursue his career in acting, more news on that as and when - and yes, I Am Zombie Man 3 hasn't been forgotten about, it's just been in a holding pattern for a while.

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Danny Smith said...

I hate editing video, love editing sound, why, dunno.