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I listened to the new podcast for newly relaunched - from Gary Ugarek (fellow filmmakers, and the dude that made the Deadlands zombie movies), joined today by Brian Wright (who was also involved in the Deadlands movies, and whom has provided me with various pieces of music for free for various short films I've done).

Find it here (where you can either stream it, or download the spiffing High Quality MP3):

It's a good quality podcast, with nice audio quality, and a good rapport going on which makes for a genuinely entertaining (and interesting) listen ... it's been all about podcasts today, what with this and the latest SModcast.

Anyway - yours truly got a couple of mentions (see the last half hour of the 90 minute podcast), and I figured I'd respond to some of what was said throughout this enjoyable podcast.


During the show the guys talked about remakes - which in part brought about a mention of my '110 Reasons in 110 Minutes why Yawn04 sucks' list that I blogged about on here sometime last year (do a search and you'll find it, also using "bitch list" as a search term will help find it and other such lists about shitty zombie movies, lol).

I wouldn't personally consider John Carpenter's 1982 version of The Thing to be a remake really, because it's not remaking the original black & white movie, it's instead going back to the source text - bringing to life what was more in the book, rather than the original movie (which is quite enjoyable and still quite good) that had a big guy in a suit.

Halloween 2007 - by Rob Zombie - was one of the recent deluge of remakes that I did actually enjoy. I've spoken about it on this blog before (again, do a search), and while it does have it's flaws, I think it's a pretty good flick in the end. Not his best work (that would of course go to The Devil's Rejects), but I still rather enjoyed it ... my main annoyance with it though was the distributors not telling us that they planned to, several months later, release a third version of the DVD boasting a 4.5 hour long making of - which I would have personally loved to see. I will see it, but only when the Region 1 only (so far) DVD comes down to a couple of quid - considering I've already bought the 2-disc back in December 2007 when it first came out.

As for Halloween 2 (or H2) - I'm really looking forward to it, and it's most definitely NOT a remake of the Rosenthal Halloween 2 - yes there is a hospital in a few clips online, but that's only the early first portion of the movie. From everything I've been seeing from updates, pics and videos, it is clearly not a remake of the original sequel.

The Day of the Dead remake (or as I termed it last year 'Ghey08') is fucking abominable, oh yes. I see no redeeming value in it whatsoever, and said as much in the "bitch list" I put together for that one (do a search, ha). Same goes for 'Craptagium' - what a hunk of crap that was (titled in reality as Day of the Dead: Contagium, by a bunch of name-raping, no talent hacks). In a world where true indie talent struggles to find an outlet, I consider it nothing short of criminal (but, you know, in an artistic world) that shit like Craptagium of Ghey08 can be made.

Gary's Theory:

I couldn't help but 'roflchopper' when Gary suggested that my uber-hatred of that piece-of-shit Dawn of the Dead remake is actually a cover for my 'closet love' of it ... hehehehehe ... ... but no.

Although I must confess I do own a copy of the "director's cut" on Region 1 DVD, bought at the time of release. The reason was two fold:

1) I had a catastrophically bad, and short-lived, lapse in character and thought "maybe I was too harsh on this movie" ... after one re-watch, I quickly proved my-bad-self wrong, and resumed living in a sensible world where 2+2 really does = "AWESOME".

2) I used it as a case study of sorts for my final year university dissertation on 'Post-Millennial Horror' (I also talked about the Texas Chainsaw remake, as well as Cabin Fever, as my primary examples) - needless to say I would have many more samples to assess if I was writing said dissertation today.

So, unfortunately for Gary's entertaining theory, I really do, 100% truthfully, think that Yawn04 is a fetid pile of flea-ridden, STD-laden, bull-crap-smelling, MTV 'yoof' sucking-up-to garbage. muahahahaaaaaaaa.

The as-yet unfilmed I Am Zombie Man 3:

Mentioned in the podcast not once, but twice, with quite some fervor, the guys made it clear in no uncertain terms that they most definitely want the third instalment in the Zombie Man franchise - as do I also.

For the background though, let's have a little history on this project that remains waiting in the wings...

January 2007 - I Am Zombie Man 2 was put onto the internet for the fans to see.

Quite soon after I started thinking about a third one to complete a trilogy of sorts, and by late 2007 I had a script written and the dialogue recorded (Zombie Man's voice is in fact my own, just run through a few filters - which explains the oftentimes vague 'gesture-to-dialogue' synchronicity in the dialogue-heavy IAZM2.

Prior to this however, I did record a 'Zombie Man audio commentary' for IAZM2 'in character', which would provide a sort of 'in-between IAZM2 and IAZM3 continuity' ... it never really got put online, and only ended up on the self-made DVD which only a few key people possess.

So yeah, the script was written (and is still sub-titled to this day as "The Inevitable Decomposition of Zombie Man") and the dialogue had been recorded and filtered (the idea being that I'd play it back while filming to get proper 'gesture-to-dialogue' synchronicity. Finally, I'd invested (although not a lot in terms of cash) in a few props that would be used in the film, and those were ready to go (indeed, some of these props will appear in the soon-to-arrive "Skinner", which I'm - at the time of writing - just beginning to edit together).

The original idea was to film IAZM3 over the Christmas break of 2007, but unfortunately this just never happened - the main reason was, life got in the way. I had been off doing my own things, and Zombie Man himself (played by a mate of mine, Gareth) had been off doing his own stuff - and at this point in time he'd just started a new job, which involved long hours, and he hadn't really gotten himself settled into a permanent abode (which would be where IAZM3 would get filmed, naturally).

I guess there was also an element of malaise to the idea of doing a third Zombie Man after doing the first two within six months of each other ... even though the gap at that time away from IAZM2 was a year ... and so the idea was parked on the back bench. If we were going to do it - then let's do it right, you know?

2008 - again, I was off doing my own things and filming various things, and Gareth was off doing his work and long hours as well as moving abodes - time slipped by and it didn't come to fruition during 2008.

2009 - it's been mentioned two or three times when Gareth and I have hung out together at odd times over the last year or so, that we'll get around to IAZM3 sometime - so the intention is still to make it, but the main issue is of course - when. It's a case of finding a time when we're both available, as well as enough time to make a good job of filming it, and to have a location which is suitable in which to film.

As for the various other shorts I've been doing, the IAZM obsessives out there can consider them practice for the inevitable IAZM3 ... which now that it's two years later and still no new flick, is building up a head of steam to be (when it is made, of course) something bigger than what came before.

Indeed, with such a time lapse, and with fan fervor growing (I was surprised to hear that Gary has been getting emails for some time asking about the 'sequel-that-hasn't-been-thus-far'), when I do make it, I want to do it properly ... as such, after listening to the podcast, I did start thinking about what I would want to possibly do with IAZM3 two years on from when it was originally conceived.

When we do get around to it, I will no doubt do a re-write (which would mean re-recording the dialogue already recorded and stored away, unfortunately) and even - potentially controversially - consider my options for a new face for Zombie Man ... or rather skull.

The cheap-o halloween mask that jiggled and looked obviously cheap worked for the first two - indeed it was part of the joke, as well as the charm - but when I get to do IAZM3 (which is also designed to be stand-alone as well as a sequel), I'd want the skull-face of the titular shambler to be more impressive and more believable.


So, yes, IAZM3 hasn't happened yet, and the fans of the 'coovan' hoovering one are practically baying for blood, but I assure you I most definitely want to make it some day (hopefully sooner rather than later, too). It's just a matter of time ... and, you know, biding it.

Indeed I've just remembered - back when I was putting the script together in 2007, I put together a teaser trailer for IAZM3 using a few clips from IAZM2 and some off-cuts with a bunch of text to try and give an impression of where I was planning to go with it ... at the time at least I was thinking of doing it in high contrast black & white (or some of it anyway) - and here is that October 2007 teaser trailer:


So yeah - - check it out, and I look forward to more podcasts, as well as more from the website itself which promises to be a haven of indie production discussion and promotion.

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