Monday, 29 October 2007

Piss off with the sickness...

A mini-rant I just had to blurt out - chock-full-with-swearingly-good-goodness-nuts, I've just come from YouTube where I've been watching "Halo 3" videos, and came across one about suicide bungee jumps or something and what a surprise, no in-game audio but some music track slapped over the top - aye, Danny the Underground Slacker and a few chaps at HPOTD will know what I'm on about.

But my rant is more specific - this video used "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed. ARGH!!!! The number of times I've seen a video on YouTube with that fucking-shit-piss song on it is, to quote The Bear from Bo Selecta, untold.

Ever since that fucking piss-awful 'remake' of George A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" (my favourite movie of ALL time) which featured that n00bish song on the end credits, the track has been bloody everywhere.

As if it wasn't bad enough that the Dawn remake - aka "name rape" as I like to call such 'remakes' - aka "Yawn04" aka "Yawn-o-rama04" - was shit in the first place (the main fault being the script which has about as much intelligence as baby dribble), they had to go and put that bloody song on it at the end. And because a bunch of retards (no, not the offensive version of the word, but the new common usage of anyone perceived to be an idiot - be they a genius or not it doesn't matter) who flocked to see it and then exclamation-one'd their way across the inter-mega-web-net, that fucking song has flooded YouTube videos like a super-STD-in-the-60's.

If you simply must remove the in-game audio, at least look a bit farther than the "Yawn04" soundtrack - to quote my beloved University's motto - "do different". Or hey, here's a shocking revelation, actually use the in-game audio, or at the very least have BOTH - *gasps* - the wonder and ease of NLE systems (non-linear-editing), you can have more than one audio track. Oh my GOD! Get the President on the line, STAT!

And no, I don't hate "Yawn04" because it's a 'remake' of my favouritest-ever-super-mega-movie, but because it's actually a crap movie. There's literally characters in there who are introduced only to be killed off 10 minutes later in a piss-poor ham-fisted emotional scene. Characters make retarded decisions like running after a dog and fucking up an entire plan (which was retarded in itself) - there's even a blonde who has no name in the film whatsoever who is only introduced because they need someone to get their norks out to keep the PG-13 kiddywinks in their seats as their parents uncomfortably churn in their cinema seats.

Even if it went by another name (which it really should, because it has 99.9% fucking-nothing-mate to do with the original & best "Dawn of the Dead" - hence 'name-rape'), it'd still be shit.


Longer than planned, but deserved airing.


Danny Smith said...

OH MAN! does that song ever piss me off, its like that friggin travis one "sing" from time to time its still used for stuff and its just annoying.

and then theres those friggin bread ads with stuff like that "so come on, let it shine" bollox.

why they dont use dragonforce to sell bread i dont

Nick Thomson said...

Ug, that "let it shine" one has literally just been on and it drives me up the fucking wall, I despise it with gusto.

I'm a fan of Travis, although I don't really listen to them anymore, but yeah, "Sing" was a bit of a daft song, certainly not representative of their body of work, so it was just a bit naff ultimately because it barely had any lyrics.

I think all adverts should be filmed in slow motion like a war film with "Adagio for Strings" over the top, personally. lol

Either that or flat out rock.

DjfunkmasterG said...

Dawn 04 isn't nearly as bad as you continue to make it out to be. If it was so bad why did Roger Ebert, and a slew of other critics hail it as one of the better remade films.

While it isn't the original DAWN which I still love above the remake, it is still a decent zombie flick and has earned its right to not be trampled on.

You wanna rag on piss poor filmmaking, rag on Children of the Dead or House of the Dead.

Nick Thomson said...

My God! Dj has followed me to my own blog to pimp Yawn04! BAH! It's my blog and I'll bitch if I want to.

I maintain it's a shit film because I still think it's a shit film, for all the same reasons we've discussed at length at HPOTD.

Leave me be man, lol!

Otherwise, welcome to my blog. :)