Thursday, 30 June 2011

"Allen Bridge" blog #19...

Act III is now well underway - current page count is 98 - and one-of-five 'chunks' that comprise the final Act is done (to, you guessed it, Draft 1.1 standard).

So far it's going great and I'm really enjoying being able to bring together all the narrative threads and loose ends with a real sense of propulsion towards the planned coda to the script (which should have a nice chilling feel to it for the script to go out on - but, let's be clear, this isn't a horror script, it's a drama mystery) A horror script is what my next screenwriting project will be.

"The next script?!" you might possibly be crying out ... or merely silently pondering ... well yes, the other night I had a rather vivid dream. It was like being half-in and half-out of a horror movie, and certain things that happened throughout the scattered dream were played out from the perspective of a camera - and the jolts even made me, as a viewer in my dream, reel from the 'screen'. When I woke up in the morning I spent half an hour feverishly scribbling down any and all notes relating to what I could still remember from the dream. From these hurried notes, I was already starting to piece together plot threads, thematic elements, and central ideas. Indeed I've got two horror scripts in-mind at the moment, but I think this one (which I don't have a title for yet) will be the next one I do after I've gotten Allen Bridge put to bed. The other horror script I have in-mind also came from a dream, or a pre-sleep-day-dream even, and I've been referring to it as "Dug Deep".

These two scripts, but particularly the former, I'm planning to be punchier efforts in terms of producing them - to focus my attention on just the necessary elements (less extraneous research and lines of thinking) as much as possible ... and the target page count will be around 80 pages.

But before all that, it's the time of Allen Bridge - another script which came to me in a mixture of 'wouldn't it be great if' day-dreaming, pre-sleep-day-dreaming, and flat-out dreaming, with moments of fevered note-writing that established key scenes, characters, and thematic elements.

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