Jack Carter Christian – that actor in that film you think you saw once – used to be an accomplished star of the silver screen. Now he's best known for his impending divorce from the world-famous mega-starlet Sandi Valone Rockwood. She's far removed from the natural beauty with the coy smile that entranced him all those years ago – now she's a surgically-altered viper addicted to microwave meals and children's juice drinks. Likewise, Jack's undergoing a very public change of character after an on-set head injury turns his world upside down. Hounded everywhere he turns by social media 'clicktivists' and hashtag protesters, Jack soon finds himself in deep trouble – as deep and dark as the cavernous pit in his stomach when he realises the horribly enticing truth about what's he's capable of. Say goodbye to the affable character actor, and hello to the avenging angel of Celebrityville.

This crime thriller with a satirical bite features a roster of rogues who inhabit the strange and glittery corners of the celebrity world. Amongst them are a comedian with an ego the size of a small continent, a burger flipper who taints celebrity orders for social media likes, a diminutive but extraordinarily fierce personal assistant, and a washed-up adult star under the thumb of a higher power. "Celebrityville" is an absurd dark comedy with murderous thrills.

Notorious Stranger/Ridiculed Icon/Dominated Avenger – this is the first story in the “Celebrityville Series”.

Also includes the tie-in short story “The Great and The Good”, in which gossip from behind the velvet curtain, and the rehabilitating merits of altruism, clash with a hallucinatory public meltdown.

"Celebrityville" - the first book in the Celebrityville series - is available to buy worldwide via Amazon in Paperback Print, for Kindle eBook, or for the Kindle App (for Apple, Android, and Windows Phones, Tablets & Computers - the App is free to download).

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