Saturday, 16 February 2019

Beeston Picks FWOAN...

"For Want Of A Nail" has been officially selected to be a part of the Beeston Film Festival in Nottingham. The festival takes play between Wednesday 13th and Sunday 17th of March 2019.

THE BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL IN THE MIDLANDS is the Beeston Film Festival. It is now open for its FIFTH year and continues to grow and expand to provide an amazing platform for our community to celebrate film and filmmakers.
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Friday, 15 February 2019

Body Melt (Philip Brophy, 1993) Review

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The first phase is hallucinogenic, the second phase is glandular, and the third phase is … OH GOD!!! From Street Trash to The Incredible Melting Man as well as The Stuff, the last portion of the 20th Century seemed to have a thing for the ooze-tastic destruction of the human body, almost building upon the 'body horror' of David Cronenberg, albeit in a sleazier and sillier manner. A lesser-known entry in this sub-category of splatter-fuelled flicks is Body Melt, an Australian B-Movie that takes a few cues from Peter Jackson's early films and sprinkles a dusting of 90s rave culture style into the mix – oh, and Harold Bishop from Neighbours is in it, too!

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Monday, 11 February 2019

Unrequited Edition: The Walking Dead 9x09 Meme...

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TWD is back! After a return-to-form opening half to season 9 last year I'm excited to see where the show continues to go from here under the leadership of Angela Kang.

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Click to Enlarge: So that's a definite no, then?

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


The Independent Online Film Festival has officially selected "For Want Of A Nail"!

See the listing on their website HERE.

Find out more about the festival by visiting their Facebook page HERE and their website HERE.

Monday, 4 February 2019

FWOAN 2019...

As we head into 2019, and what will hopefully be another successful year on the festival circuit, Oakhill Productions are taking another look at the process of making "For Want Of A Nail" while also looking ahead to our aspirations for FWOAN and the future.
It's really been a great few months since finishing 'For Want Of A Nail' back in March last year. The film is into a second year of it's festival run and has received such positive feedback from a wide variety of viewers.
        As we push forward with another year of festivals and screenings around the world, Writer Nick, who was naturally our script supervisor on set, reflects on his experience in making FWOAN, his best bits and his thoughts on the TV series development.
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