Saturday, 16 February 2008

What a load of old shite...

Geez, there's been a couple of shite-as-a-bag-of-shite movie viewings of late, the most recent being 30 Days of Night (which I will blog-rant about separately), but the first was getting to see the 'remake' *cough* NAME-RAPE *hack* of George A. Romero's cult classic Day of the Dead.

Steve Miner's Wild'n'Out AKA Ghey08 AKA Careers of the Dead AKA Day of the Flying Zombies AKA Day of the Remake *deep breath* has become literally the worst film I've ever seen ... super-serially-literally-you-guys ... in fact to while away the horror of 80-odd minutes of garbage I decided to knock together a list of my grievances, and came up with 127 of them.

I actually enjoyed writing that list, but the film was atrocious ... still, I get a giggle out of re-reading said list, which went down well with my HPOTD cohorts. I must pimp the list up here actually, but that's for another time - and most likely a two-parter post.

So aye, a mini prelude-to-rant preview type deeley, so ... bye!

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