Saturday, 17 January 2015

"Celebrityville" marches forth...

I got a little bit done before Christmas ... then all the usual festivities got in the way ... drinks, chocolate, presents, chocolate, roast dinners, chocolate, you know how it goes.

Then I caught a stinking, foul cold which dragged on for days. I was pretty floored by it but, eventually, it passed and I was able to get back to the twisted world of "Celebrityville" - and I'm now two thirds of the way through it...

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I'm toying with the idea of changing the title, but only somewhat. This story ties-in with "Sleb", and I have more stories in mind in this expanding universe, so collectively it's going to be called the 'Celebrityville Series'. I'm thinking of tweaking the title simply because "Celebrityville (Celebrityville Book 1)" would look a smidge awkward ... but now that I think about it, the subtitle I'll be adding to "Sleb" will be "Tigress of Celebrityville" ... so, tagging on "(Celebrityville Book 2)" again means we have that issue. This I'll have to ponder, but perhaps I'll just say sod it and let it be.

I've been finding my groove at the keyboard too, so it's nice to have got beyond the somewhat staccato nature of writing when you've just got going on a new project.

"The Great and The Good", the accompanying tie-in short story, has also been finalised - and I've since passed that point in the story within "Celebrityville", so it was an interesting thing to further explore a very particular moment in time from two perspectives.

So then, with the main story chugging along nicely and, as seems to be the way my mind works, my attention has started to drift towards other elements and ideas when I'm not hammering away at the keyboard. There's the cover art for one thing, and for another I'm going to take a treatment for a screenplay idea I did a while ago called "Dug Deep" and turn it into a short story (the idea being to submit it to horror/fantasy fiction magazines). Furthermore, I'm pondering ideas of what a third book in the Celebrityville series could be, as well as a new screenplay ... but the main writing path leads this way:

1) Complete and publish "Celebrityville".
2) Write "Dug Deep" short story.
3) Write an as-yet-untitled screenplay.
4) Celebrityville Book 3.

So - plenty to do then. :)

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