Monday, 30 July 2007


Well, I've held out long enough from becoming a "blogger", but like a protagonist from a Body Snatchers movie I've succumbed to the lure of pimping my random thoughts and musings, splattering it all over your "internets" like John Holmes...

Okay, slightly gross way to get balls rolling...and the tone remains low, so you're gonna have to get used to that sort of humour from me, it's a guilty pleasure...or heck, just a pleasure, much like using these "..." all the time.

Alright so I'd better cut to the chase, I'm Nick, a twenty-something zombie movie fan (as well as general movie nerd) and I mainly set up this blog to better organise my news updates for my website, but also as a place to collect my movie review musings and fuming rants all nice and tidy.

What's my current status in life? Beginning to climb the ladder into the film industry, so expect trials, tribulations and hopefully many "happy happy joy joy" dances...ah geez this is sounding far more official and uptight than I was planning ... which is an irony in itself ... but first introductions always are a bit shirt & tie aren't they?

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