Sunday, 7 October 2018

Feedback for FWOAN...

"For Want Of A Nail" has been doing very well on the festival circuit and with that comes some feedback, so here's a selection of the kind words we've been receiving.
Loved it! Wonderful! I don’t have OCD, but I’m always trying to look for context and examples, to help me understand how my daughter is processing things and how OCD might be disrupting/interfering in her brain. The various visual treatments of Marty’s thoughts, in the multitude of ways that you showed them, did a fabulous job to help me. Thank you for that! It’s really hard, perhaps impossible, for those with OCD to shut off the thoughts. That’s so clear in the film. Well done.
Chris Baler, Producer of 2017 Documentary Short "Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie"

For Want of a Nail is a great short film. The Writing is awesome and the directing brought it together quite nicely. The Acting was very natural and I could feel the emotions in the characters. The Cinematography was very well done. The Editing was smooth and true to the genre. The Sound Design / Score was perfect for the genre as well. The Visual FX were very well done throughout. I loved it!
Mindfield Film Festival, Alburquerque

WOWOWOW!  I am so impressed with the final product! It's excellent in every way! Bravo and THANK YOU for making it!
OCD Help For All

Absolutely spot on. Well done for this , very informative.
Ash Curry, Advocate for OCD Action and NHS Speaker

I have a friend who has bad OCD. Now I have a better understanding of how his obsessions affect him. Really good informative film. Very informative.
Keith, Mental Health News Hub

We loved your film and are extremely honoured to have such high quality work as part of our festival.
Changing Face International Film Festival

You can also read a review of the film by The Independent Critic HERE.

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