Monday 10 August 2020

Sleaze Fiend Magazine - Issue #4 available now!

Issue #4 of Sleaze Fiend Magazine is now available to purchase - and it's a full colour issue!

Here's what you can find inside:

Full Color Super Special -190 Pages of Sleaze! 42nd Street Pete (Grindhouse Purgatory Magazine) even did an article!

Featured Articles:

The Most Notorious Block in the World
Dale's Deuce Double Feature
Fleshpot on 42nd Street Uncut
Peepshows - A - Poppin'
Daycare For Perverts
Wes Craven is Abe Snake
Queen of Nazisploitation
Porn Star: Interview with Felicia Fisher
Two Sleazy Years: 1987-1988
Shot on Spahn Ranch
Once Upon A Time in...Hollywood Review
Stuntman: Interview with Gary Kent
Remembering the Fallen
Black Rainbows and Burning Tygers
Dear Diary with Felicia Fisher
The Golden Age: Samantha Fox
Retro Sleaze: Playboy Sex in Cinema

Each issue also includes an authentic Show World Center Token.

I wrote the article "Two Sleazy Years: 1987-1988", as well as the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood review, and I also wrote a short story titled "Daycare For Perverts" especially for this bumper edition of SFM.

Visit the SFM Store Envy page HERE to pick up your copy now.

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