Monday, 16 August 2021

FWOAN - My Statement of Intent...

#FWOAN Screenwriter Nick Thomson answers the important, ‘Why’s’ behind the motivation for creating the series of For Want Of A Nail...
#1 - to create a series that mixes drama and humour in a way that feels unusual and entertaining, introducing the audience to characters that they will care about and enjoy spending time with ... and
#2 - to finally represent Obsessive Compulsive Disorder on-screen as it has never been shown before... accurately and encompassing as many of the varied facets to the condition as possible.
“The series will allow the audience to learn more about the condition and gain a new appreciation of what OCD is and how it affects the 1-2% of the population who suffer from it. Importantly, never ‘wagging a finger’ at the audience (I hate that approach).
"For Want of a Nail" will be approachable, accessible, and entertaining - while never mocking the condition, or those (such as myself) who suffer from it..."
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"What few representations there have been previously and even some current, have been woefully inaccurate. At times played as a joke, or is inherently compromised because the complexities and true nature of OCD has to be edited, rounded off, and chopped up to fit into the existing format or style. OCD has to bend to the will of the existing show's format and we usually only catch a small glimpse at one aspect of the condition.
With our series, I am bending the format of the show to the will of OCD, in order to shine as much light on as many aspects of it as I possibly can.”

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