Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Phantasmagoria Film Festival...

Visit here for more info:

So aye, it was set up by the same bloke who did Bristol Bloodbath in 2006, and again he was asking for short films to show - so I was able to get VHS: Long Play in on the short film billing.

I was unable to attend the fest, but got word from him today that it got a decent score. Obviously some liked it, some didn't like it - and indeed it seems a number of people just didn't "get it", which in turn I don't quite "get", but I guess that's what happens when you come up with an odd little idea.

Apparently it looked really good on the big screen too, which would have been nice to see, but as I said I was unable to attend (swamped in editing at the moment, so I am).

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