Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Machine Girl...

Essentially this is Japanese grindhouse. It's low budget, it's pretty darn crazy, and it's violent ... but shot on digital rather than film, and promptly covered in de-saturation and high contrast colouring.

Basically, girl with one arm (it gets hacked off mid-way through) seeks revenge for her brother who was bullied to death by a bunch of Yakuza offspring. Obviously, this means attaching a great big gattling gun to the stump and obliterating anything that dithers around in front of it for more than a milisecond.

It's crazed, often fast-paced, extremely violent and doused in the sort of gore that would make Peter Jackson very happy circa Braindead. It does sputter a bit when the story drifts on a tad too long in-between violent bouts of splatter, but when it picks up again, it flies off the handle and seeks to slice your head off along with the rest of the severed hunks of meat.

Solid fare, I've seen better, but I've seen worse. It's all good fun, and a definite must-see for fans of crazy and bloody Asian action flicks.

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