Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Life on Mars...

Well, over the past month I've been absolutely Life on Mars mad, and by mad I mean my usual obsessive nature when I find something I really dig. I get completely into it, hard and fast and in a big, bad way. The music gets into my head, quotes keep popping up, the theories (when applicable) get whirring around the old noggin ... so aye, obsessed would be a good way to put it.

I never got into it when it first showed on BBC One, so I've been watching them on the box sets (which is a great way to watch something, if you're as obsessively minded as I am, it really lends to that way of viewing).

Bloody great it most certainly is ... all of it, bloody brilliant - especially the episode 2x05 Camberwick Green 'skit' (if you will). Absolutely hilarious, really well observed (and yet loving too), but most importantly bloody entertaining. Everybody involved did a superb job. It's got great acting, great directing, great writing, great cinematography, great editing - the whole shebang is bloody great.

Next up - obsessing over Ashes to Ashes - the LoM follow up, oh yes indeedy.


Since writing this post, I've started in on Ashes to Ashes, two episodes in so far, and I'm really enjoying it too. Jolly good show!

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