Monday 21 June 2010


I knew nothing of the MacGruber sketches featured on Saturday Night Live (we don't get SNL in the UK as far as I'm aware), so all I had to go on was a review in Total Film and the trailer on YouTube. I was expecting a vulgar, gleefully scattergun, laugh riot and I certainly got that. The early afternoon screening we attended (on a sunny Sunday) wasn't densely populated, but that didn't stop riotous laughter breaking out every few minutes.

It's a daft film with a daft sense of silly joy at making you laugh at vulgar and inane things. It's seriously good fun and I'm really quite glad I checked it out. Stand-out gags come thick and fast, including a wonderful undercutting of the traditional movie love scene that caused uproarious laughter amongst the relative few of us who chose air conditioned darkness over a blue-sky sunny Sunday. Two throat-ripping thumbs up from me.

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