Sunday 25 July 2010

Draft 3.1 of "Summer Road" is underway...

I think I'll make this the last draft of Summer Road, as I've pretty much applied every single change I wanted to apply, and I'm now at a stage where I'm just making minor tweaks and changes - mostly to dialogue - so the time to let it be is fast approaching.

To be honest, I'm glad. There comes a time when you just want to wrap a script up and get it done. Obviously you want to leave it as the best you can do, but there is a yearning to move onto a fresh new project - in this case Allen Bridge, which I had quite a creative spurt on a number of weeks ago, but it's ended up in the background not being thought about recently.

Draft 2.2 of Summer Road was completed a couple of weeks ago, and I did what I always do and take a little breather from it, and so yesterday I got going on Draft 3.1 - which, as I've said, is the "fiddle around" draft. I've added in a couple of specific things I wanted to add in, and so now I'm just going to make a final pass through the script (which is 104 pages now - Draft 1.1 was 128 pages) and get it finished.

Then I'll submit it to the BBC Writersroom and finally get my whole head into Allen Bridge.

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