Wednesday 28 July 2010

A fascinating article on the UK Film Council's abolition...

Chris Atkins has written a fascinating article about the abolition of the UK Film Council by the Coalition Government:

I recently saw Atkins' "Starsuckers" documentary, and I'd really quite like to see the one he did before that called "Taking Liberties".

For young filmmakers like me, it's an endlessly frustrating business and there never seems to be a way in - if you've got no money, and no contacts, then you're stuffed! We need a localised body spread throughout the UK (rather than a centralised leviathon), especially in rural areas, that can directly and efficiently provide contacts, working opportunities, and help to those who come to them with big ideas so they can get those ideas to fruition. What's more - we need such a body that also accepts unsolicited scripts from each individual area of the country, and helps chosen projects from the re-writing stage all the way through to theatrical and home distribution.

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