Thursday, 24 February 2011

A return to "Allen Bridge"...

Back in May/June of 2010, the seed of an idea was planted that has since gone on to be referred to as "Allen Bridge", and over the intervening months I've been in-and-out of thinking about it. I first started thinking about it (with ideas, and indeed maps of entire scenes, exploding forth with creative fervor) when I was getting the final draft of Summer Road finished off.

Then I had a break from it ... then I tried to get back into it, and did so for a couple of weeks more planning and thinking ... and then I was distracted by this-and-that-and-everything-in-between.

Now, after a rather bad start to 2011, I'm looking to turn the 2011 boat around and turn this year into something much, much better than it has so far been - and so I've returned to "Allen Bridge", my next feature length script - a mystery/drama that is inspired by local folklore. I'm getting myself geared up on the inspiration front, watching and listening to certain things to get my head into the appropriate mindset.

There's dozens of pages of ideas, character info, roughed-out sequences and scenes, and everything in between to go back over, but hopefully this is the beginning of a decided upswing for 2011.

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