Tuesday 26 June 2012

The Walking Dead - more memes/lols...

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A handful more memes/lols for The Walking Dead that I cobbled together a while ago (in this case, for a thread over on Homepage of the Dead), and as I hadn't posted them here yet, I figured it was about time I did as the last batch I posted (from the season two finale) proved quite popular. I'm also thinking of doing some more for the second season as a bit of fun, in advance of new episodes in October.

Click "READ MORE" below to see what else Dr Jenner could have been whispering to Rick...

The third image was a little in-joke with the HPOTD forum members. After season one ended, there were some folks who got quite irate by having to wait until October 2011 to see season two - even though that was naturally the show's production cycle anyway ... although for a big fan of the show it was a wait-and-a-half between seasons one and two, I must admit.

Oh, and here's an added bonus - this one's for George A. Romero's "Diary of the Dead" - disclaimer time: it's just meant to be humorous, not a political comment (I'm neither Republican or Democrat, or American come to think of it), or offensive, or whatever else, but please enjoy.

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