Saturday 19 January 2013

The "Eyes In Your Window" blog series in-full...

Continuing to expand my screenwriting skills, this series of blogs covers the writing process of "Eyes In Your Window", my first foray into the television format - specifically a three-part post-watershed television drama serial. You can also see the full series of blog posts covering the writing of my drama/mystery feature screenplay "Allen Bridge" here.

Ty Hemmings is a fifteen year-old boy, whose dark family past and voyeuristic tendencies are about to clash with deadly force, as the rest of the residents in his block of flats must similarly contend with drip-fed temptations and the transference of evil.

Eyes In Your Window is about the stories hidden behind closed doors and peep-holes, but on full-display to those who are tempted to spy through wide open curtains. It is about the transference of evil, the everyday drip-feed of temptations, and the on-going turmoil that is churned up when choosing a path – be it right or wrong.

Entry #1 - 20th September 2012

Entry #2 - 3rd October 2012

Entry #3 - 9th October 2012

Entry #4 - 26th October 2012

Entry #5 - 7th November 2012

Entry #6 - 6th December 2012

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