Sunday 16 February 2014

Sleaze Fiend Magazine Issue #1 Review...

"Sleaze Fiend" is a new and independently produced magazine aimed at fans of the grottier corners of cinema, produced by Exploitation Cinema Planet (who also put out the Exploited Cinema podcast).

I'm one of the contributing writers to this project - of which there will hopefully be many more issues (I believe the aim is to publish quarterly) - so let's dive into the issue and see what devious delights are waiting for us.

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The presentation of the magazine is good and printed on nice quality paper with a glossy cover. Scattered throughout the magazine are numerous posters, lobby cards, and the like, for a whole range of grindhouse and exploitation films - from double bills like "I Drink Your Blood / I Eat Your Skin" to "Plaything of the Devil" - covering the gamut from blood-gushing gore to scintillating smut. The magazine also features inventively sinister artwork by Mischka Ann.

My contribution to the magazine is a review for the flesh & blood-filled giallo flick "Strip Nude For Your Killer", but the magazine features a whole host of grindhouse-minded reviews and articles to fill your boots. A tribute to David Hess (who died in 2011), an ode to the birth of VHS, reviews of Maniac (2012), The Lords of Salem, and Hardgore, an intimate dose of nostalgia titled "Discovering Porn", and glimpses at indie flicks "Welcome To Cannibal County" and "One More Time For The Camera".

Furthermore there's a loving look at Kung Fu exploitation, an examination of David Cronenberg's 'body horror' era by-way of "Shivers" and "The Fly", a fascinating account of 'Garbage Mouth film' (Brazilian grot-movies), and a look at some of the films of Bobby Beausoleil in the era of the Manson Family.

There's an extensive range of material that covers a wide base of cinematic treats and tricks, from the outskirts of the mainstream to the deepest depths of the filmmaking gutter. While not particularly suited for the squeamish or prudish, fans of grindhouse cinema (newbies and aficionados all welcome) will find plenty to enjoy - and might even discover something they'd never heard of before (I know I did).

"Sleaze Fiend" could benefit from a little more proof-reading to tidy up some scattered spelling and grammatical errors, while the Maniac (2012) review does feature a handful of spoilers that could have been avoided, and a couple of the font choices (that otherwise keep the presentation lively and indie-spirited) can prove troublesome to read.

Those minor quibbles aside though, "Sleaze Fiend Magazine" is a sparky little devil; an underground publication by the fans, for the fans. There's a range of contributors, and therefore a range of styles and approaches, but one thing is consistent through - a passionate obsession for the more delirious and disturbing sights that flicker before your eyes twenty-four times a second.

At the time of writing, Issue #2 is being compiled and should be released soon.

For more information visit - where the magazine is available to purchase.

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