Tuesday, 27 May 2008

150th post extravaganza!!

Well, not so much an extravaganza, more a convenient excuse to not have to come up with a witty title that I was incapable of today anyway.

What's up then? Well, it's all about fiddling around in the world of editing at the moment, starting to upload, process and piece together this and that for the aforementioned educational DVD on the topic of "sexual ethics".

Also, I've got a new script on the go, well ... it's not gotten beyond the brainstorming stage, but I've got a solid idea and plot rundown ... however a name for the lead is still beyond me, it always is such a pain in the arse to come up with good names, or at least that's what I find. Anyway, it's in the horror genre, and originally I was going to be writing it with the idea of sending a pitch of it to a Canadian production company after I saw an advert on a film/tv jobs side I frequent ... but the deadline was quite close, it's still 2 or 3 weeks away, but what with the editing I'm doing, and not wishing to rush the script needlessly, I'm most likely not going to bother putting it forward for that - I will however save it for future opportunities.

The idea is to have a bundle of potential scripts that cover different genres and lengths, so that I have more potential possibilities ... indeed.

Otherwise ... my birthday is rapidly looming ever closer ... I'll be 24 ... a year away from being smack-bang in the middle of my twenties ... whilst still rather young, it still makes me feel old just thinking about it ... but then on the other hand I look at some of my friends who have mortgages or kids already, and then I feel younger ... but then I spend a day interviewing sixth formers, or see that younger friends are right in the midst of graduating university, and then I feel old again ... well, as old as I can relatively feel.

On a positive ending, I would like to think of my twenties however, as my own personal series of Spaced ... that'd be pretty cool don't you think?

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