Thursday, 15 May 2008

What is it with me and sleep?

So I'm off to film today for an educational DVD. It's a bunch of talking head stuff today, and as I'm to be there between 9 and 9:30, that means I need enough time to get up and get my head going (I'm one of those people who's a bit slow in the morning), so the alarm went off at 6:50am, with a planned departure time of 8:30am (it's currently twenty-to-eight) due to the morning traffic and me taking the longer (yet less speed restricted) back route into Hereford city.

Anyway, point being - or problem being - is that every time I have to be up earlier to shoot something, while I obviously get up and get going, I often find I get a shit night's kip beforehand. For instance, last night it took me till 1:30am to get to sleep, then I was up again at 3am with nature on the dog & bone, then back to kip to get up just under four hours later ... ultimately I think I got something like five and a half hours of decent-enough sleep, but I guess the point of this morning's post is that I'm one of those people who really needs their kip - or at least really likes their sleep.

Mind you, I've done twenty hour days with less than what I got last night, so it's far from a possibility, I guess my key point is - how come whenever I need to be up for shooting, do I always end up getting a rubbish night's kip?

Still - the night after shooting I usually always get a great night's kip, so that makes up for my body's refusal to do so the previous night...


Danny Smith said...

man, for once i can sympathize, ive just finished this month a teacher training dvd and that involved the filming, then watching of 4 hours of standing in a room recording school kids.

Easily the most boring thing i have ever done.

Though on the edits you find them kids do some weird crap, not just picking there noses but proper weird junk.

Nick Thomson said...

Well actually I quite enjoyed the filming of the talking head/group discussion stuff.

In fact it inspired me a bit, for lack of a better term. I was pleased to see "the yoof" had good heads on them and weren't necessarily a bunch of default-left-as-can-be-hippy-no-nothing-twits ... lol ... although I have seen such yoofs on TV and in real life ... but brilliantly, the ones I met while doing that bit of filming (there's more filming to do mind you), were all cool people and had really interesting and good things to say.

There was even a very passionate Science VS Religion debate at one point ... the only downside was that it made me feel old, me being 6 or 7 years older than them, lol.