Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Iron Man...

An awesome trailer with an arse kicking soundtrack, a slightly less awesome - but ultimately very entertaining - movie with an arse kicking soundtrack. It certainly has its flaws, mainly that at times it feels a bit flabby around the edges. Occasionally you'll feel like you're treading water - as in, "he's still building this thing?" - but fortunately the wit and utter cool of RDJ keeps things moving, even when the plot is slowing down.

It's rated 12A in the UK, which means that under 12's can get in with an adult - and there were certainly plenty of kiddywinks in the audience when me and the lads went to check it out t'other night. Now either I'm getting old, or I'm right in my thinking (I'm thinking it's half-and-half) but it's sometimes very tough for a 12A.

The tough parts aren't too tough for a 12 year old, but due to 12A allowing in kids as young as - well, anything pretty much - the sections which focus on the terrorists are surprisingly grim. Now either a six year old, for example, will either be taken aback - or they won't pay it much attention as they don't understand that, right now in the middle east, there really are scumbags rounding up families and splitting the men from their kids and wives, lining them up against a wall and then shooting them dead ... sadly in real life, Iron Man doesn't crash land from the sky and start kicking arse and taking names whilst some hard rock pummels your ears.

It's a thrashing, bashing, hard rocking super hero movie with a witty tongue. Not the best out there, but far from the worst. It's hasn't got the pace and general drama of Spider-Man, but nor is it the silliness and forgettableness of Fantastic Four 2.

Definitely worth seeing, twice even, and with news that RDJ has signed on for a sequel - which was pretty much guaranteed before the movie even stormed the box office upon release - it's all good.

Mind you, The Dark Knight is coming soon ... hell yeah.


Danny Smith said...

did you stay till after the credits to see samuel l jackson?

Nick Thomson said...

Aye indeed I did.