Friday, 18 March 2011

"The End" update & (very) rough storyboards...

After some initial interest from potential animators in doing The End, it all came to naught rather frustratingly, so now I'm thinking of pursuing a different approach - to get 45 to 60 seconds worth of key visual moments from the script animated in order to cut together a teaser trailer. This would mean having something to show with which to possibly find actual funding in order to make the project, rather than attempt to do it for nothing (which makes getting anyone to do anything incredibly hard) ... if I was a skilled artist and animator I'd just do it myself, but alas these are talents that are not in my particular skillset.

In the meantime, whatever the future holds for this project, here are a handful of storyboard shots that I roughed-out - they're quite rough, but it's just a smidge of a taster of what I have in mind visually speaking.

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