Saturday, 9 April 2011

Double Bill Mini Musings: Bonkers Action and Quirky Chuckles...

From Paris With Love:
Pierre Morel's film prior to this bonkers shoot 'em up, Taken, kicked arse in a serious way. This flick on the other hand kicks arse in a silly way. Travolta lets himself off the leash and promptly upon arrival on-screen paints the town red and white with blood and cocaine respectively. Again from the Luc Besson stable, it's not about a particularly deep or complex plot - there's some stuff about terrorism and covert government operations, but it's not extremely important as long as the gun play, car chases, and bickering comedy duo fun keeps on coming - which it does, so it's ideal bloke fodder. It's one of those films which is best viewed with a gang of mates, a steady flow of cans, and a take away.

From Mike Judge, who also brought us (aside from Beavis & Butthead, and King of the Hill) the excellent Office Space and the under-praised Idiocracy, this is a gentle comedy more akin to the former. Jason Bateman plays the boss of a company that specialises in extracts, and he plans to sell the company on ... but his cash-out plan is derailed by a workplace accident, a con-woman, and a bizarre plan to entrap his distanced wife with the help of a gigolo. It's not a film about uproarious guffaws, rather more considered chuckles and gentle pacing, and while it doesn't live up to the high standard of the 'everyone can appreciate it' Office Space, it's well worth seeing if you enjoy Judge's particular brand of laid back humour.

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