Thursday, 7 April 2011

More of those fake trailers from the Hobo With A Shotgun contest...

These entries didn't make the final in-competition Top Five, but they're considered the best of the submissions that didn't make the final cut. You can view them via the following link:

Viewer discretion is advised.

1) I Am Not A Superhero, This Is Strictly Revenge (Scott Staven)

An interesting direction to take - rather than serial killers, or Nazis, or sexploitation, or zombies, or what-have-you - this trailer is like a mix between a revenge flick and The Dark Knight, with a boozed-up, coke-snorting Irish tough-guy cleaning the streets!

2) Pet Seminary (Luke Hickman)

The tongue is firmly in-cheek for this one about tooled-up priests taking on a whole shedload of evil pets. Impressively silly with some nifty gore effects.

3) Max Force (Richard Adams)

Played-seriously-but-for-laughs, this trailer is like what you'd see for a direct-to-video cheap action movie produced by a very low budget independent outfit. Full of brute force moments and cheesy-good action, it makes for an enjoyable watch.

4) Mister Fister (Bill "Bloody Bill" Pon)

"A psycho-sexual killer with an insatiable appetite for women", so says the trailer, sums it up nicely. Pure, unadulterated, exploitation sleaze is offered in this trailer. The constant repeating of the title is nicely true to genuine grindhouse trailers.

5) Suicide Strip (Matt Mercer)

Going for an approach different to the traditional hard-sell, this one features a series of glimpses - campers, roads at night, cheesy-good special effects, skulls, all sorts.

6) Fight Night Fright! (Thomas Hackett)

Going for a 1930s/40s/50s vibe (only with vastly more gore), it's a mix between religion, underground boxing and vampires.

7) Teen Girl Violence: Vol. 5 (Nicole Holland)

Well there's a title for you! Religion factors in again with this one where a "twisted Sister" gets her kicks from making fight videos (think Bum Fights) and selling them on the black market - until a gang of wronged girls team up to extract their revenge!

8) Undead Revenge (Andrew Bussey)

A man seeks revenge for the murder of his family - except that he's also dead! Filled with gore, and some nice moments of action, this one really goes for you with gusto.

9) Skin (Steven Shea)

Featuring one of the best voice overs out of all the trailers I've seen submitted to this contest, it's all about a madman on the loose with a penchant for stripping his victims of their flesh. There's some really nice moments in this trailer, both visually and in terms of just having fun.

10) Garbage Man (Max Schwadchuck)

You know those movies about an honest cop looking to take down dirty cops? It's like that, only with garbage men. Cue lots of kick-arse action and gore with a spiffing presentation!

11) The People VS. Christ (Chris Murphy)

Another rather interesting idea - it's like a mix between a legal thriller and a horror flick as the battle between good and evil is taken to the modern day streets after Jesus returns and is framed for murder.

12) Pan-Tea (Angelo Womack)

Presented like a grubby old video nasty from the early VHS rental era, this has to be one of the most interestingly titled entries. A sexual pervert finds a new way of making his tea. Quite an odd one.

13) Street Hell (Ian Matheson)

Illegal bare-knuckle boxing is the name of the game here as a tough guy looking to get out of the game is forced back into it after the only person in the world that he cares for is taken hostage.

14) Machine Gun Cop (Jeremiah Durian-Williams)

The most impressively presented trailer on this list (or at least tied with Mister Fister), this one pays particularly close attention to the dreadful audio quality that many grindhouse movies had once they'd been around the block a few times. Filled with gun-toting action, this one also stands out by bringing in the infamous Zodiac killer as one of the antagonists. Love the title cards at the beginning too - nice touch.

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