Sunday, 2 March 2008

Complete Contempt...

Well almost...Contempt of Conscience is almost finished, it's just got some final editing to be done and then it'll be getting out there, stay tuned for more info as-and-when.

With another project on the horizon, I've also been looking into getting some more letters out there, applying to various freelance jobs and whatnot, so that's an on-going thing.

Otherwise, on March 4th I should be going on a road-trip with Ben "BenZee" Connell to Cardiff to help his brother Sean "Trapped" Connell with a project he's got going there, something involving him being a presenter (to show off his presenting skills or something), and we're there to help by being 'guests' on his 'show' which takes place during an apocalypse apparently. Should be fun.

Finally, I'm starting to wind up the thinking about Signing Off to get nearer to the 'doing of' it. Hopefully during the Easter break I'll be able to get together with Sean and hike into the nearby hills to shoot it ... either that or Brokeback Mountain 2: I Still Can't Quit You ... or maybe I'll just stick with Signing Off, ha!

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Nick Thomson said...

Here's a comment from Joe, the director of "Contempt of Conscience":

Yes, nearly there - why does the last part of anything always come up against constrictions? As the director of Contempt of Conscience I feel that I need to document what a great help you have been Nick. The film has taken me four years to make and just as I was hitting despondency and exhaustion {after brushes with the 'law' and with my bank manager} you turned up with your camera and creativity and gave it a new lease of life. Thank you and I wish you well in the future. I've just had a look at your new showreel and it manifests considerable innovative and creative qualities.