Friday, 21 March 2008

The quiet zone...

Well it's a bit quiet of late. The muse has left me, after a bumper few months of script writing fervor. I'm in between filming projects at the moment...due to a combination of educational commitments and iffy weather, the filming of a little short called Signing Off has been put back till sometime in May, and it's just generally been quiet.

But then again, in this sort of career and lifestyle, there's bound to be such times.

So in the mean time I'm enjoying the chance to catch up on some flicks, get stuck into a bunch of reading (currently sauntering through I Am Legend, why-oh-why did they not make that movie rather than the half-n-half, good/gash one we ended up getting?) ... oh and I'm sending out letters, CVs and samples to various publications to see if I can pick up a bit of paid writing work as a film reviewer - multiple strings to the bow, so to speak.

One particular publication is at the centre of this new job seeking 'thing' at the moment, a long shot no doubt - but the interest has been put out there, and I'd certainly love to write for them.

Anyway, figured I'd pour some blog juice all over this moment and seal the deal in this sort of manner...who knows, maybe I'll win a million in a few days or something, hehe...ahhh if only...

Bring on the return of SModcast (next week hopefully)...


Danny Smith said...

i know!, were the frigg has smodcast gone?!?

Nick Thomson said...

I guess you don't check that much, eh?

For the past several weeks they've been busy shooting Zack & Miri, and Smith has wanted to take a different approach this time around in regards to info being put out.

Although apparently we will be getting production diaries whilst the post-production is done.

Apparently SModcast will be back next week, or the week after maybe.


As for RadioBam, I wish they wouldn't take callers, it's always some eleventeen year old girl who wants them to come to their party, or it's some guy who's sucking them off cos Bam's their idol. I hate listening to callers on such shows, everybody talks over each other, so all it ever is, is some girl's voice on the crackly phone with the volume going up and down saying "what? huh?" and big gaps of silence...drives me mental.

It's like Q&A sessions, there's always some person who stands up and thinks they're funnier and quicker-witted than the panel - but they're not ... hence they get pwned, ala Kevin Smith.

*rant over* :D