Friday, 28 March 2008

Leak ... and other stories...

What's all this "Leak" business? Why, it's my new short script I started writing yesterday after a couple of days of brainstorming ...

Aye, it's a short script I'm writing specifically for the London Film Academy. They put out an advert seeking 2.5 page-long scripts within certain parameters (I like parameters), so I brainstormed up a couple of pages of ideas, making it socially and politically relevant to the current climate in the UK (the issue at hand being one I feel passionately about).

Anyway, I've got a month to get it done, dusted and sent off to them...hopefully they like it. It seems they're doing a bunch of shorts this 'season' if you will, which they seem to do every (or most) years. So collectively cross your fingers for me ... but don't cross dicks, that's not a good idea ... ... *silence* ... ... that's a Clerks 2 reference ... ... *sigh* ... ... never mind.

Oh yeah, the word I was looking for in the previous blog post was "shortlisted", Ben's groovy little film about friction was-and-is shortlisted for the Planet SciCast competition.

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