Monday, 4 August 2008

Stuff and/or things...

* Editing for Signing Off is going nicely, it's a case of piecing it together now (even though most of the main performance was pieced together prior to cropping & colour - because I didn't want to colour stuff I wasn't gonna use, it takes a while to render and such like, you see). So I've started piecing it together with a nice piece of music by Brian Wright (one of the chaps involved in Deadlands: The Rising), who I have used music from beforehand (e.g. I Am Zombie Man 2 and VHS: Long Play).

* I've found myself getting more swamped of late, I seem to be finding myself falling behind in my daily routine/schedule of things to do ... but I'm still on-time if I have to be somewhere, I can't be doing with "yeah, whenever I get there" mentality. I like to be more in the Charley Boorman school of time-keeping, thank you very much. So yeah, I seem to be kinda buzzing around all over the place of late, ticking things off my various physical and mental lists, stuff that needs doing/editing/watching/uploading and so on...hmmm.

* I'm still deep in editing the Sexual Ethics DVD. These things certainly take their time, you can only go as fast as the project will allow really.

* Yesterday/Today, I finally took a bit of time-out to play my Xbox, which I hadn't touched in weeks as I've been too busy in editing/buggered out due to the heat/humidity. I bashed through most of Call of Duty 3 again, now onto COD4, woo woo!

* My left middle finger hurts ... lame.

* This week's, and last week's, SModcast rocked.

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