Friday, 8 August 2008

Black Sheep...

I'd been meaning to see this flick for a while, being that it's along the same vibe as Braindead (in style, as well as country of origin), and the F/X were done by Weta "Them Lot Who Done Lord Of The Rings" Workshop ... also, it's essentially a zombie movie but with sheep, set in New Zealand, the home of countless numbers of the woolly jumpers in-waiting.

I spied the DVD on the cheap and figured why not? Off the bat, it doesn't live up to the "if you liked Shaun of the Dead" tag, but then again basically all films that use that, never do. Mind you, Black Sheep is far from a write off, it's still quite entertaining, pulls out a few nifty gore gags, gets a few great character moments in here and there, and generally isn't disappointing.

Now - this use of Shaun of the Dead on the cover reminds me of Dead & Breakfast ... dear god was that a sack of shite and a half. Dead & Breakfast doesn't have the humour of Shaun, nor does it have the gore, the style, the intelligence, the comedic acting skill, the script or a whole host of other things.

So basically, Black Sheep is a good bit of modern B-movie fun ... and it's loads better than Dead & Breakfast, another movie which used the name of Shaun of the Dead to flog itself (yeah yeah, that was most likely entirely down to the advertisers, but still).

It'll be interesting to see what the writer/director comes up with next.

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