Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The X-Files: I Want To Believe...

Off down the cinema t'other day with the lads it was, this time the new X-Files movie.

As a fan of the show I was wanted to check out where Mulder and Scully were now at, several years down the line from where we'd left them. While I've now forgotten a lot of the show itself, I was quite quickly right back to the 1990's as Mulder re-appeared under a ceiling cluttered with flung-up yellow pencils.

It's a low budget affair (relatively speaking) at a mere $30 million, so it's not an action-packed, large-scaled extravaganza. Rather it's more an extended episode, and not one of those episodes all about vast conspiracies, super soldiers and/or aliens. No, instead it's like an extended one of those episodes that were just one-offs (and often some of the best), this time involving transplants and a psychic, peadophile priest ... indeed.

The makers aren't seeking to gain any new fans with this entry, it's clearly just for the fans of the show and anyone else can just bloody well catch up, I mean honestly - who was alive in the 1990's and didn't watch The X-Files - losers that's who, haha...yes.

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Danny Smith said...

I enjoyed it, but like ive said before, its only for fans, its as you said too, a stand alone episode, and im glad it wasn't a conspiracy one.