Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Charlie Bartlett...

I'd seen the adverts on telly, I'd heard something about it being compared to a film I liked (maybe it was compared to Napoleon Dynamite or something), and I knew it had Robert Downey Jr in it. Didn't know anything else, gave it a shot, and after a dull first five or ten minutes, I actually got quite into it and ultimately rather enjoyed it. Basically, rich kid gets shafted out of yet another posh school, turns up at an American comprehensive where it's all a bit rough and such, uses his family's on-call psychiatrist (and some psychology books) to gather a bunch of pills so he can medicate the entire school to deal with their problems.

Essentially, Bartlett just wants to be popular, and this is his elbow into the room so-to-speak. A fairly quirky, high-school set comedy drama type dealio ... with a great, and rather deshevled Downey Jr ... and that chick who was in a few scenes in 40 Year Old Virgin, playing the daughter of the woman that Steve Carell's character ends up boffing ... and the dude who's gonna play the Russian geezer on Star Trek, apparently.

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