Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Where have I been eh?

Busy, that's where. I've been devoured by the monster that is editing.


Otherwise, Signing Off has been getting good responses from those who see it, which is rather nice. Also to note, it should be playing in support of Gary Ugarek's new zombie flick Deadlands 2: Trapped at the Hagerstown 10 cinema, so that's rather cool as well.


I'm also in the midst of brainstorming a new script, a full length version of the script upon which Signing Off was based, in fact. Thus far the brainstorming is going well, noiiice.


Finally - I've come over all 1994 as I've gone all X-Files mad after having seen the new movie recently, actually I think I forgot to write about that on here ... well, I totally dug it. Definitely not for newcomers, but great for fans of the show. So aye, I've just finished barging through the first season and will be starting season two shortly.

Such a bloody good show so it is!

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