Monday, 1 September 2008

200th post spectacular!! ... Step Brothers...

I'd quite enjoyed Talladega Nights, but wasn't roaring with laughter (but then again I watched it alone, and such comedies are best viewed with others I've found, for the most visceral reaction) ... so I figured that Step Brothers would be solidly entertaining at least.

And what was it like? Absolutely fucking hilarious to the point of hysterics. Seriously, my mates and I were gasping for breath, much like the audience was.

Clearly McKay, Ferrel and Reily were having an absolute blast making this film (they all wrote it as well), and it shows in abundance. Two stand out, gasp-for-breath moments came in the form of ... in the least spoilery way possible ... nutsack meets drums, and "onion & tomato ketchup". The latter had me and one mate chuckling throughout the entire next scene, one or other of us spurring the other on with our continued, unabated laughter.

Absolute, sheer fun. No doubt the DVD - like those of other Apatow-involved projects - will be a cornucopia of extra features heavy with ad-libbing and on-set guffawing. An absolute laugh, it really and truly was.


So aye, here we be, 200 posts in after however long it's been ... a bit over a year I think if I'm not mistaken. Ah well, off to see another episode of The X-Files!

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