Monday, 1 September 2008

Death Race 2000...

With previews of the Paul WS Anderson 'crafted' rehash getting out there, I decided to go back to the campy 1977 original for a second viewing (it was years ago that I first saw it). No doubt I'll stick with the original, especially by the sounds of the 'remake' - which apparently ditches the trans-continental road race, the corrupt government, the running-over of pedestrians and the tongue-in-cheek silly satire. So really, how on earth is it a remake? It looks soft-as-shite, sounds like it's got a rubbish plot, and from the previews just looks far too polished for something derived from such daft source material. Paul WS Anderson destroyed the credibility of the Resident Evil franchise with a series of constantly shit movies, and then as if that wasn't enough, decided to desecrate two classic (and adult rated) action horror icons with the kid-friendly Aliens VS Predator, a suck-fest of the suckiest degree. AvP2 was equally dreadful. So I think I'll be sticking with David Carradine, the 70's haircuts and interior design, the cheap production values, the undercranked car race footage, the utterly silly vehicles of death, the OTT satire and the general fun of the original - Death Race 2000. Guaranteed the remake is complete pish. Okay, rant over, move along...move along.

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