Friday, 28 January 2011

"The End" - animated zombie mini-epic update...

The new version of the script received the final touches today, so it's all in place, and I have to say I really hope I can find an animator - a talented, willing, artistic, and most-of-all reliable animator - to bring the script to life, as I think it would be a great visual treat.

The idea with this script, in all its incarnations, has always been to show things that have never been shown in zombie films before, and to do so in a stylish way. Just as a big fan of the zombie genre - and horror in general - I'd absolutely love to see this 20 page script as a 15-minutes-or-less animated short ... and as a filmmaker, I sincerely hope I can get it made!

Due to the sheer scope of the script, it can't be done practically, so that's where animation comes in - specifically motion comics (the good ones at least) - even more specifically, The Walking Dead motion comic video that went online just before the premiere of the television adapatation. I saw this motion comic and thought "that's how this script could be done". Follow the above link, or find it on YouTube, and have a look to see what I mean.

The search for an animator is already on around Herefordshire via The Rural Media Company, and the Herefordshire Media Network, but any potential 2D computer animators who fit the (above, italicised) bill can get in contact with me via my YouTube channel - which is (I tend not to put email addresses up willy-nilly so as to avoid spambots slurping up the data and sending more inane spam).

Links to examples of your work (on YouTube, or Vimeo, or similar video sites) would be good, as well as some information about you and your work.

I unfortunately cannot afford to pay, so it's purely about helping me create an excellent, visually stunning showcase of the talents of all involved in the project - to gain a credit, and hopefully garner recognition for your work and talents (I hope to spread the video online like a viral video via social networking, video sites, horror sites & blogs, and film festivals - and gain word-of-mouth to spread it further still - for it to be not only a great short animated film, but be a great stepping stone for all involved).

If you're an undergraduate, or graduated, 2D computer animator - or just willing to work for the credit and the opportunity - then please do get in touch via my YouTube channel.

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