Sunday 26 August 2007

The Zombie Diaries

Well, I just finished watching the film and might I say, jolly good show. :)

It's great to finally get a proper UK zombie film (28 Days/Weeks Later doesn't count - they're rage infected humans :p), it makes it all the more realistic for us Brits (and will hopefully provide international audiences with another viewpoint, rather than the oft-American viewpoint in the zombie genre - not that I'm bitching about that, but you know...). I think it gets to a point whereby with zombie films almost always coming from America, they lose any sense of realism because it's kind of a "default setting", if that makes any sense...but there's so few zombie films set in the UK, and especially presented in this sort of way, that it packs much more punch and terror.

TZD - a fresh location for a zombie film, a different society in which it all takes place, and the way in which you see mumblings of sh*t hitting the fan throughout before things get increasingly worse, make it a great flick.

The gore on offer is rather tasty, and leads to a some rather f*cked up scenes...the sort of scenes that when you think about the surrounding intricacies or reasonings behind the actions, it just makes it all the more messed up.

My only real gripe with the film is the delivery of some of the dialogue, at times it didn't feel as real as it could have, or I felt there were a few moments where there were gaps between different people's lines. So at times I felt the dialogue wasn't always delivered as realistically as it could have been, as in it [I]felt[/I] staged at these moments...but it's really only a minor gripe that isn't carried throughout the entire film, just on occasion.

Over all the film is great, I really enjoyed it and there's some really messed up moments or even downright scary moments, made all the more powerful due to the way it was filmed.


I've been through the deleted scenes, and I can understand why many of them were taken out, they felt a bit stagey. While there's content within those scenes that was good, I guess just the way the scenes came out it wouldn't have worked in the main film.

Next up I'll go and check out the making of, which I rather look forward to and then in due course, the commentaries.

I'd definitely recommend for zombie fans to pimp out the cash for a copy, it's worth it. :cool::)

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Danny Smith said...

Sounds good i should be ordering it soon, nice to know they ddint go over the top on gore, films like that are like porno to me, they dont rely on plot and there just exploitism for the sake of voyeurism.

now ill never speak that way again..