Screenplay Samples - How Mr Snuffles III and Others Met Their Maker

How Mr Snuffles III and Others Met Their Maker is a dark comedy novella I wrote concerning the twisted exploits of Elnora, a pet therapist with a sideline in post-mortem pet portraiture, and Parker, a gifted taxidermist, who join forces to explore the limits of love, death, and psychopathy in the warped world of celebrityville. You can find out more info about it HERE.

I have since adapted it into a screenplay, which allowed me to expand on the characters and story first established in the novella - and now you can read some sample pages from the script.

These twenty-five pages, presented as JPEG screenshots, are all taken from various points in the first half of the screenplay, giving you just enough of a taste without revealing too much.

Pages 1-10

These first ten pages of the script introduce you to the main players - Elnora and Parker - as well as one of their chief rivals, William Warmander, and one of their clients, Bruce Chenault. In these pages we get a glimpse of how Elnora and Parker met, how their business works, Bruce's dearly departed pet Grumbly Groo, and a few hints at Elnora's curious back story.

Pages 23-29

In these pages we rewind to Elnora's formative years, orphaned and living with her Uncle Zach - locksmith by day, burglar by night - and get to see the beginnings of her morbidly romantic fascination with serial killers.

Pages 35-40

This next segment shows the development of Elnora and Parker's business into a slick machine, with looks at some of the bizarre clientele that cross their path, such as Paulie the foul-mouthed Parrot. We also see Elnora and Parker's relationship begin to grow as they get to know each other.

Pages 50-51

Finally, in these last two sample pages, we get a little look at Dziga - Elnora's beloved pet pug, who inspired her creative side during her formative years - as well as a look into the darker side of her psyche in the form of a particularly twisted dream sequence, brought on by the blossoming of Elnora's deepening relationship with Parker.


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