Sunday 30 September 2018

Flavours of the Month: September 2018...

Sixties intrigue, searing telly drama, and a Blu-Ray bonanza are just some of what's been setting the tone of my September 2018...

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Thursday 27 September 2018

FWOAN Selected for Mindfield FF...

More festival news relating to "For Want Of A Nail" - we've been selected to be a part of the Mindfield Film Festival in Albuquerque!

Check out their Facebook page HERE, or their official website HERE.

Monday 24 September 2018

Snuffles Script Selected for Boobs & Blood IFF 2018...

Groovy news, folks! My darkly comedic horror screenplay "How Mr Snuffles III and Others Met Their Maker" has been officially selected to be a part of the 2018 Boobs & Blood International Film Festival, which takes place October 5th - 6th in Los Angeles.

Sponsored by Final Draft and Wild Eye Releasing, the festival supports a range of breast cancer charities, with all online profits being donated to the Breast Cancer charity 'Feel Your Boobies', the festival also boasts an all-female judging panel this year.

It's not just the ladies who should feel their boobies, though, the guys too - yep, although it's much less common, chaps can get breast cancer as well (we've all got breast tissue) ... so next time you're having a check downstairs, mosey on upstairs and have a quick check there as well.

You can follow the B&B Facebook page HERE, and see the schedule of festival events HERE. The first issue of Boobs & Blood Magazine will also be released in October.

Thursday 20 September 2018

FWOAN - Interview with actor Clark Alexander...

Following on from interviews with Thomasin Lockwood (Mindi) and Lisa Opara (Sally), we've now got an interview with our lead actor Clark Alexander, who plays Marty in For Want Of A Nail.
What appeals to you about the character of Marty?
I really like the challenge of being able to play a character with OCD. I like how much Marty jokes and makes light of his OCD, yet the film has some dark and heavy themes so it's nice to find the light within that.

What has your most challenging role been so far?
Marty looks to be my most challenging role thus far, which is really exciting. But before this, it would have to be Trigorin in The Seagull by Anton Chekhov.
Skip on over to the official FWOAN website to read the full interview by clicking HERE.

Wednesday 19 September 2018

FWOAN - Interview with actress Lisa Opara...

Following on from yesterday's interview with Thomasin Lockwood (Mindi), you can now check out an interview with Lisa Opara - who plays Marty's girlfriend Sally in For Want Of A Nail.
What appeals to you about the character of Sally?
I felt a lot of empathy for Sally. She clearly has a huge heart and genuinely loves Marty but she's just had enough. She seems like a very strong character so I'm excited to explore her strength, but even more excited to explore her vulnerability. The internal war between holding on for the sake of love, and letting go for the sake of, well almost for the sake of her sanity is something that drew me to her.
Read the full interview at the official FWOAN website HERE.

Tuesday 18 September 2018

FWOAN - Interview with actress Thomasin Lockwood...

A new interview with Thomasin Lockwood - who plays Marty's twin sister Mindi in the film - has just gone live.
What appeals to you about the character of Mindy?
I like that she's tough on the outside, but inside is hurting deeply. She's someone who has endured a lot in life and has always had to be the 'strong' one. I like that I get to portray someone so complex.
Check out the full interview over at the official For Want Of A Nail website HERE.

Sunday 16 September 2018

FWOAN Festivals Update...

Just a quick bit of festival-related news for our short film "For Want Of A Nail" while our producer Ali has been busy working on a feature film.

Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (Semi-Finalist, 2018)

Los Angeles FEEDBACK Female Film Festival (2018)

LAFFFF brings up the issue of women in film, and in the case of FWOAN in addition to Ali, our producer who captained the ship from the get-go, we had women - chosen on merit or previous working relationships - filling the roles of: Director, Actors (both supporting roles were female), Director of Photography, Art Director, Assistant to the Art Director, 2nd Assistant Director, Costume Supervisor, Catering (two), Make-Up Artist, as well as our contacts at the charities OCD Action and Mind, and last but not least our Runner/Art Dept Assistant who was one of three young adults who were on-set gaining valuable work experience.

Friday 7 September 2018

Syndicate Sadists (Umberto Lenzi, 1975) DVD Review

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“I'm not scared now that you're here.” All the boys admire Rambo (Thomas Milian, The Cynic, The Rat, and The Fist), the rogue with a scuffed heart of gold, as director Umberto Lenzi (Nightmare Beach) mashes Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy with The Godfather for this well-crafted poliziotteschi where a drifter rides in on a (steel) horse and gets entangled with two criminal gangs. Italy in the 1970s was a hotbed of headline-grabbing violence from high profile kidnappings to home-grown terrorism, and it was against this backdrop that 'Eurocrime' films dashed onto silver screens in a cacophony of squealing tires and blazing guns...

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