Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Catch & Release ... and taxes ... and meaning...

Indeed - death and taxes - two things that'll never go away.

Anyway, today I was knee-deep in tax return bollocks, a needlessly complicated and overly-worded shedload of paper ... plus it's just kinda depressing. So that's the tax part taken care of ... as for death?

Well, I re-watched Catch & Release today (which starts with a wake after a funeral, and centres around a bunch of people left behind after their best friend/husband-to-be carked it), and I have to say, I rather like it. Yes it is somewhat disconnected at time, as in a bit loosely pieced together, and while some of it is fairly straight forward - even generic - it's certainly not your average slice of cut & paste rom-com styling.

It's just a really nice flick, a nice bunch of characters - and one of them is played by Kevin Smith, which rocks - and not everything goes the way the characters might want it too - in other words, life is happening more like it does in real life, but it's all about finding the nice parts and focusing on those too.

Also - bloody hell the scenery when they all go fly fishing (hence the film's name) is jaw-droppingly gorgeous!

Perhaps I'm getting broody, for lack of a better term, to see some sights such as those...I guess it's come on strong again as I'm currently reading Long Way Down (the book that accompanies the series), and yep, colour me jealous of Claudio von Planta and Jimmy Simak (the two cameramen) who got to go on another amazing adventure (both did Long Way Round, which I absolutely loved).

So aye ... I guess it's all part of my more mellow and generally chilled out, even somewhat 'spiritual' (for lack of a more accurate term) side that's kinda developed over the last few years. I seem to get rather excited by the likes of M83's shoegazing stylings and McGregor/Boorman globe-trotting adventures ... ... perhaps as I'm now in my mid-twenties I'm really looking for that special meaning everyone searches for in their youth, something that I didn't pay much attention to before when I was a smidge's all gotten rather deep this post...indeed.

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