Thursday, 26 June 2008

High Sierra...

As I've previously said no doubt at some point, I've been on a bit of a Bogart bender of late - heck, even an old school movie bender in itself. I'd not seen it before, and it is puzzling that the title-holding landscape barely factors into the movie, but as is par for Bogart's course (when his career was in its strongest waters), he's electric on screen. A must-see Bogart movie.

Mind you, what with all these old school movies I've been watching recently, I've noticed a trend - it's all to do with marriage.

I've heard it all too often of late, that marriage is entered into lightly and without much thought - and indeed I think it is. But if the movies of the 1930s and 40s are any reflection, they didn't think much about it back then either. The protagonist comes up against (not literally, you dirty buggers) his love interest and within a matter of days he's fitting her up for a diamond ring. I just found it rather funny, and it really began to stick out, glaringly so by the time I got round to popping in the tape of High Sierra.

Regardless, it's still a quality film ... and for those interested enough, I've now moved on to Murder Inc. - another Bogart classic - I think I've seen it before, it's ringing bells with me, but I can't be sure, so why not watch it again eh? Who knows, maybe I'll even get that African Queen DVD off the shelf that I got on a 4-for-£30 offer years ago and finally watch it!

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