Friday 4 December 2009

"Skinner" - response to the film...

A long time since I finished the film? Certainly, and I've been meaning to post some of the response I got to it on the blog, but I've kept forgetting to do so - but no more! No more I tell you, for below is some of the response I got to "Skinner" - you can watch it on my YouTube Channel, which you can find a link to in my links section, or indeed via the YouTube widget below that (which always displays my four latest videos).

Or you could go and see it here (in HQ too), if you're in the mood for direct URLs -

Anyway, on with the response:

"Nicely done ... Dramatic and well written. Enjoyable little flick here."

"Shot very well, and I LOVE the font & the way you did the credits (that scrawled-on-a-wall look to the font was just plain kick-ass, as well as the movement of the letters)."

"I think he did a great job in this one. I think he was spot-on for the part." (referring to Sean Connell, who acted in the film).

"WOW! This looks fantastic! Nick is really making large leaps forward with his filmmaking ... I think this is the best looking thing he's done yet."

"Cool, nicely shot. I just wish I wasn't eating when I watched it."

"Nice work Nick. That was a damn interesting little film."

"Cool short film guys, very dark and Se7en-esque."

"It was atmospheric, interesting and enjoyable. Good work, man."

"Very entertaining dude, probably not as good as your last, but it was a nice length, gave me an "opening of Texas Chainsaw" vibe from it and I dug it man."

"Well done. The title sequence was quite atmospheric, kinda reminded me of Se7en. I like the noir-ish aspect of the weary detective voice over coupled with the appropriately hard-boiled dialogue when he describes the previous crime scenes. The music was decidedly sinister and creepy. Bravo."

So there you have it, took me a while to get around to making this blog post, but even still - thanks to those who watched the film, dug it, and gave feed back!

Not bad for a film that was conceived on a Monday and then shot at the end of the same week when I was still busy recovering from that hernia operation earlier this year.


I should hopefully be shooting the next DeadShed Productions short film sometime soon - so keep your fingers crossed.

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