"How Mr Snuffles III and Others Met Their Maker"

How Mr Snuffles III and Others Met Their Maker” is a transgressive dark comedy about Elnora Green – a morbidly romantic, self-made animal therapist to the stars, whose speciality lies in post-mortem pet portraiture. Encountering the bizarre denizens of the celebrity pet world, from Lucky & Lillith the genocidal Golden Hamsters to Monty Mayhew Mapother & Wallace Wilberforce Williams the grotesquely materialistic Terrapins, Elnora and Parker Flynn – an extremely talented taxidermist – embark on a vertically integrated business venture, which punishes the wicked while riding the razor's edge of psychopathy.

Elnora may be the humble-looking girl with the major overdose of freckles, orphaned by an impromptu flight to Fiji and stuck living with her Uncle – a locksmith by day and burglar by night – but what strange truth lies behind that missing pinky finger of hers? Even the weirdest kids in school steered clear of Elnora, bewitched as she was by serial killers, and haunted by night terrors of Ted Bundy's Electric Boogaloo and the All-Star Rope Swingers, yet deep down she dreams of a twisted love affair … but how twisted will it all end up being?

Also includes the short story “The Great and The Good”, featuring some of the pet owners referenced in the main story, in which gossip from behind the velvet curtain, and the rehabilitating merits of altruism, clash with a hallucinatory public meltdown.

"How Mr Snuffles III and Others Met Their Maker" is available worldwide via Amazon in Paperback Print, for Kindle eBook, or for the Kindle App (for Apple, Android, and Windows Phones, Tablets & Computers - the App is free to download).

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