"Tigress of Celebrityville"

Celebrity deaths come in threes, but what if number three has other plans?

Music by Alex Vegas.


Celebrity deaths come in threes, but what if number three has other plans?

Two famous faces have ended up in the morgue so far this month, and besieged starlet Roxie Black – actress/singer/addict/target – is a paranoid, tabloid-baiting car crash in-the-making. With her career and reputation crumbling around her she must fight for survival in a meat grinder business, personified by clown prince of the blogosphere Rebel Fetchko, a gaudy profiteer in scandal. In this distorted existence coat-tail rider Kassandra, a mother ageing disgracefully, and boyfriend Kurt, a preening movie star wannabe, are perhaps her only warped forms of solace. However, when the hounds at her heels realise there's more money in post-mortem idols, will Roxie be able to protect a precious secret and reclaim the life that she left behind for fame and fortune?

Tigress of Celebrityville is a darkly humorous thriller set in the absurd world of celebrity. From the monocular pervert horde of the paparazzi, to the good will and clean conscience of a place far from infamy, Roxie's search for redemption is a descent into break-neck madness – but is the light at the end of the tunnel a sign of hope, or a photoflash over the third celebrity death in-a-row?


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