"Dug Deep"

"Dug Deep" is a supernatural horror thriller. Louise Carter has inherited her father's silver mine, which is up against the wall with crippled finances   and poor management. Throughout her young life, she has been guided by an inability to tackle problems   before they fester and spiral out of control, something which comes to a perilous head when the mine   collapses. Trapped with two of her colleagues, and with the horrors of the impenetrable gloom weighing down   on them all, Louise must face her demons within the trick-playing darkness and the silence of hell!

Initially inspired by real-life mine collapses, one particular thought relating to the rescue operations   chilled the author to the bone. Inevitably one person would be left down there on their own, waiting for the   rescue pod to return and complete the job - but what if the pod never came back for them, and what if there   something malevolent lurking in the darkness?

"Dug Deep" is available worldwide via Amazon for Kindle eBook, or for the Kindle App (for Apple, Android, and Windows Phones, Tablets & Computers - the App is free to download).

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