Wednesday 31 March 2010


Completed the edit on Just War today; I'll be handing over the final file tomorrow. It feels good to get another project 'signed & sealed' so-to-speak, and I feel rather positive about it. I think it, along with the third Zombie Man, is my best editing work to date.

In other news, I mentioned a few posts back that I was to do some filming on Sunday night - well that filming session went well. It was for a charity talent show called "Hereford's Got Talent", featuring a selection of the county's youth getting up on stage and showing us their musical talents. It took place in the main theatre at the Hereford Courtyard Theatre (the same place Gaia & Genesis was screened last month, albeit in a different theatre there), and I've now just got to cut the whole thing together and put it onto a DVD, that'll then go on to be sold to raise further money for the charities the night was in aid of.

There should be a web clip going online soon, so when I have the link I'll post it.

Anyway, that's you lot updated ... I'm trying to get myself back into my notes for this script I've been talking about (and planning) in spare time for a couple of months now, and perhaps with Just War finished off I can invest a bit more time in the old writing, you know?

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