Monday 31 May 2010

"Summer" script writing update 31/5/2010...

On the 28th I finished the first draft of the script, and on the 29th I began on Draft 1.2 - which this time I'm doing by physically writing all over the hard copy of Draft 1.1, on which I'm currently at page 40 (of 128).

It's amazing how much you can change things when you do your first re-write, and you wonder 'was what I wrote before shit?' - but then you remember that the very first draft is almost an exercise. You've gotta get the foundation laid and the walls placed before you can put the roof on and turn it into a home ... if I dare to stretch this metaphor.

You find all the stuff you can do without, and all the lines of dialogue that can be condensed to half their length or even less, and what's more, lay in the more intricate ideas that resided in your notes and layout, but which were too fiddly to insert on the very first pass.

After the sometimes cautious experience of the first pass, you can - with draft 1.2 - proceed onto firmer, more confident, more focussed and even experimental ground.


What's more, I've already got the seed of a new idea for a new script - which I'll refer to for now as "the mystery script".

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